Introductory Questions

  1. My name is Annabel Gillespie and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and Communication Design.
  2. I wanted to take this class because I'm interested in the combination of design and computer science. I'm really interested to learn how to physically build and artistically compose a website.
  3. I don't have experience with HTML/CSS/JS.
  4. I hope to learn more about what goes in to the design process for developing a website.
  5. Designing for a screen is going to be interesting because we have to keep in mind the many different screen sizes that exist, and find a way to adapt our content when screens change in size.
  6. LookBook I love this website because it's unique and exciting to explore. I think the artist does a really good job of giving his audience an idea of the scope of his work. Though a bit chaotic and not the easiest to digest, the colors and heirachy of the site work really well for this designer.
  7. FrogDesign The Frog Design website does a great job of clearly breaking down the purpose of the website, and makes navigating to specific areas effortless.
  8. Antonandirene This website is really beautiful and I think does a great job of making its content digestible. It is easy to navigate to the different pieces of work that they have made, the purpose is clear, and the design is exciting to consume.